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Happy Chinese New Year

We are about to enter the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon, the 5th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese signs.

First of all, let s get back to the legend to explain why the 5th place and not the honor to be the 1st.

To decide which animals should have the honor of the zodiacs, Jade Emperor organized a race across the heavenly river. Everyone believed on Dragon to win the grand prize.

On the way to the race, Dragon came across a village suffering from drought. The Dragon took pity on them, stopped by to offer them rain and was late to the race losing the top prize with great honor.

What can we expect in 2024? The Dragon remains a powerful and lucky animal in Chinese folklore, symbol of strength, bravery and innovation. According to Chinese belief, 2024 will be a year of luck and opportunities.

MC Services Team wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon full of happiness and success.

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